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Mumtaz Hassan

Can sinus infections be caused by snorting drugs?


Snorting drugs can lead to a condition called necrotising rhinitis. That can cause sinusitis in the initial stages


yes I am quite sure sinus infection would be the least of the problems caused by snorting drugs.

Mumtaz Hassan:



Sounds plausible.


No.. not all cases of sinus infections are caused by the snorting of drugs.. very few infections are caused by that.. but some people are prone to sinus infections from allergies, viral infections that thin the lining and damage the cells of the sinus passages.. bacteria invades the passages which causes a sinus infection..


Sinuses are often infected by bacteria, causing inflammation and producing severe pain. Take meth for example. Look at all the craqp that they put into making this drug. Now I find it hard to believe that some bacteria wasn't introduced as well in these recipes. So I have to think it would be possible to get a sinus infuction from snorting drugs.


I guess that is one of the side effects but not the most heinous..........

? B~ The Divalicious ?:

yes! meth, cocaine, sniffing pills, proboly even inhalents.

Mumtaz Hassan:

got any sources? weblinks? I'm not saying I don't believe you.

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