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My 10 yr old Australian Shepherd is developing arthritis. What can I do to help him?

Poor little guy cries out in pain when he first gets up in the morning. He limps around after playing fetch with the frisbee (i guess he's had too many hard landings over the years) and is just generally turning into a grumpy old dog. He's the best dog I've ever had and has been a wonderful companion. I hate to see him in pain. Any advice is welcome.

Hi kam. I work in a vets office and have seen some absolute miracles come onto the market to help with arthritis in dogs. There are currently 3 out there now that work like charms. Rimadyl, Deramax, and Metacam. Rimadyl and Deramax are both chewable where Metacam is a liquid (tastes like honey) and is given orally. All of them are quite good but I happen to be a little partial to Rimadyl. I have seen dogs come in that could barely walk due to arthritis and after just 2 days of taking Rimadyl they act like puppies again. Full of energy.
Please consult your own veterinarian to be sure arthritis is the culprit. The medications I listed above are prescription and if your dog is indeed arthritic your vet will prescribe one of these to help him.
Please do not give your dog asprin as a regular source of pain relief as it will eventually cause some stomach or gastrointestinal problems. Never ever give this to a cat. Acetametaphin (Tylenol), and Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) are very toxic to dogs.
Good luck!


I think you can get medication from the vet for this


I used Deramaxx on my 14 year old Sheltie and she was much better off with it. She had arthritis from being an agility dog for years. Your vet can prescribe it and I have had great results with it.
Like Meat said DO NOT USE ASPRIRIN!! It causes all kinds of problems.
ALso you can check these out:


I did not say toxic, it causes them to get bleeding ulcers when its given in the human form. There is aspirin for dogs, but it is coated a special way for them. You should not give them human aspirin, it causes stomach and intestinal problems.


Plus I woudl recommend that he checks with his vet before giving his dog anything at all. Just like people, you should never give medical advice without tell the person to see a doctor before self medicating, same for pets.
Aspirin is in a class of drugs called NSAIDs - Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, and dogs are particularly sensitive to the gastrointestinal effects of; pain, bleeding, and ulceration that can be a side effect of these drugs.


i have an australian heeler i chose this breed as they are not as prone to arthritis,unfoutunately,the aus sheps are,seek specialist vet advice,dont rush for quick fixes or qna answers,if you love the dog like i love mine then get a few professional oppinions,but please make sure the dog doesnt appear to be in to much pain.


You can give him children's tylenol. My friend had a dog that had really bad arthritis and that's what they gave her. You should consult a vetrinarian first, though to get the correct dosage.


Be careful with Tylenol, ASK YOUR VET FIRST.
Many vets worry about dogs and Tylenol toxicity. Acetaminophen is not as effective as either Aspirin or Ibuprofin when used for osteoarthritis or similar conditions in pets. Acetaminophen is only useful as a pain-killer. Tylenol has NO anti-inflammatory effect.
If You Decide to Use Acetaminophen
for Dog Pain
1. Use the smallest possible dose and the longest possible interval between doses that will accomplish pain control.
Wait AT LEAST 8 hours between doses. Many vets insist on waiting 12 hours or more between pills.
2. NEVER use allergy products. Use ONLY single active ingredient acetaminophen products. Human drugs that combine many different ingredients are never safe for home pet medication.
3. Be sure to give FOOD with Tylenol*
4. ALWAYS watch for signs of overdose. Individual dogs respond differently. A dog that has safely used acetaminophen in the past, may still experience problems.
Tylenol and Generic Acetaminophen can cause


With all that to worry about with Tylenol, I would rather pay the extra money and get a presecription for the dog, and not worry about all that.

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