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Do other animals, such as dogs, cats, etc get headaches like we sometimes do?


Yes they most certainly do....My daughter is a Vet and it's not uncommon to see a pet patting there head with there paws...There telling you there head hurts:)


Thanks for the information QT now how do we help them ?


I have heard that they get diseases just like humans so why not headaches too :))


I think you are right Mom I know that some days our cat is not feeling well and yet is not really sick either, what else could it be ?


a headache :))))


I would not be surprised if they did get headaches...they do keep company with humans!


I have been wondering the same thing lately. lol.


Since they can't talk to us, there is no way of knowing whether they get headaches or not. But if they stop eating and playing and act miserable, you know they are sick.


You would have to ask them...amazing how many stars you have...Wonder why.


I"m sure they do, they just can't articulate how they feel like humans. If they get lethargic, sleep a lot more than usual, or cry then they might just be having a headache or some other kind of pain.


I have never run across research that supported that presumption. While we share a lot of common traits due to genetics, the human ability to verbally communicate on deep emotional levels creates a type of stress that is not yet demonstrated in less sophisticated species. Probable answer is that they may headaches, not in the way characteristically human.

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