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Is it bad to feed your dogs grease from the hamburger meat or bacon?

I mix their dry dog and a little water with the left over hamburger or bacon grease. They seem to enjoy it better then just plain dry dog food. Somebody said I was nuts for doing this. Could I have your opinion on this please. Would PETA want to prosecute me for this?

LOL That avatar is better and hilarious!


I was reading something about this. They say it's just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. Clogged arteries etc. PETA would probably want to prosecute you if you accidentally stepped on your dog's tail. PETA aside, it's not healthy for your dog to be ingesting that stuff just like it's bad for you to ingest it even though both of you may love it. P.S. BLAR!!!!! on that spider avatar.


My dogs live for the sizzle of meat! Of course I give them a little on top of their food. Is it bad for them, probably! But, lots of things that taste good are bad for us. Since I don't adhere to a strictly healthy diet, my dogs don't either. I've never had a dog die of anything except extreme age.


never ,always put some thing extra on that dry stuff .I remember my dog ernie ,when ever I made meat balls ,he would just drool till he got some. He forgot about eating any thing else.


I wouldn't worry about it, I doubt that you are doing it everyday. As for PETA of course they would sue.

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