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How to stop dog anxiety peeing problem-

When ever I get home, 6 month old Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix seems to pee when he is super excited. This morning he was excited to see me and he peed again on the floor.... twice in a row! How can I stop this behavior? He knows he is doing something bad because his tale goes between his legs... I heard you shouldn't punish the dog or it will get worse.

Here's a quote: "Some dogs will pee submissively while greeting more dominant pack members (human or canine). On the other hand, if she does it only while alone, it is more likely a sign of separation anxiety. It is important to understand that she is not trying to annoy or "get back at you," and that controlling your own reaction is an important part of the process.
If you observe your dog in the act of urinating in the house, simply say the word "no" in a neutral tone and lead her outside saying, "Cindy pee." Wait with her for a few minutes to see if she'll go again. If she does, give her lots of verbal praise and a cuddle. If you observe that she pees in response to being with a particular individual, have that person tone down their interaction with her, even to the point of ignoring her if necessary, especially during greetings, so that she feels less intimidated (or excited) and more able to control herself when she is near that person."

The person telling you not to punish the dog is correct. As that will only make the dog pee more. Peeing on greeting is a sign of submission. You're the boss; he'd be better pee to let you know HE knows that. Patience, calm greetings, taking right outside....good luck!!


good comments.


Getting a dog to stop having an excited bladder is not like teaching them a trick. It is a condition that is usually caused by a state of mind that the dog goes into and it is most often caused by excitement (your appearance and the anticipation of having you do what you do that excites him).

Think about what it is that you do when you greet him that may excite him and stop doing it. Stop concentrating on his condition and concentrate on what it is that you are doing to him that puts him into that state of mind and when you figure out what it is, stop it. For example, if you greet him by talking to him: oh, hey fella, how was your day, or any type of exciting sounding talk, stop doing so. If you greet him by petting him or rubbing his head, etc stop doing so. Find out what it is that triggers his state of mind and stop doing it.

The best thing to do in that situation is to totally ignore the dog, and go into whatever routine you normally use when you take him out to eliminate. For example, if you normally go to the back door to take him out to eliminate, walk immediately to the door without acknowledging the dog in any manner, and get him eliminate *before* you greet him. And, believe me, when I say totally ignore the dog, I mean totally ignore it: no talking, no eye contact, no touching, no petting, no nothing!

The point is that he already has his attention attached firmly to you, he is already excited to see you, and he is going to follow you wherever you go. Take advantage of that state of mind and walk him to the location he normally eliminates! Do so while still ignoring him! Do not give him a chance to associate urination with excitement. Do not give him any attention while he is in that excited state of mind or all you will do is reinforce it and cause it to escalate.

Now, you have to be consistent. Don’t break your routine “this one time”. Find a routine that works and stic


Best answer, and it really works.


We need to get better about how we come into the house.. he usually pees from excitement... Even this weekend when others were playing with him he was very excited but didn't urinate... only when he found me working on a car he ran over jumped on me and peed. It's quite embarassing but I guess it's a good thing he likes me lol...


Don't punish him. It will make things worse. He will think that he is not being submissive enough. Dog's can't pee while sitting. Try to make him sit when he greets you.


how do you approch the dog? 2 many people get the dog 2 excited. do you crate the dog? Its a good idea 2 crate dogs becouse they feel mor comfortable and learn 2 be more patient. when you first get home dont pay attention 2 the dog un till he is calm then you can show your love.


thank you for your comments.

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