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how long do calico cats live on average?


Hi superfreak96! There are several "averages" for the indoor kitties' lifespan - depending on breed (mutts are healthiest), you can expect 14-20 years for an indoor kitty. Kitties who live outdoors only live 3-5 years. Kitties who are spayed/neutered can be expected to live 2-3 years longer and with fewer health problems.

Best solution: Spay/neuter your cat and keep them indoors only for a happy, healthy and long life ;-)

And another note - do NOT declaw (it's the equivalent of cutting off your fingers at the first knuckle!) There are too many training techniques available to mutilate a cat.

I hope this is helpful!


If you'd like to do more research, visit and


The average is 12-14. But my mom had one that lived to be 19!


If kept indoors they can live to around 20 but they usually don't make it past 16-18.


know of one to be 17 yrs old . favorite type all females


Mine as well! I like you sign in name. I used to call my grandmother that! Very sweet! :)


Thanks when I hear it from my grandchildren it is the sweetest music ever.


I bet it is! :)

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