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Do you know anyone who cursed God and then died a horrible death??


I don't think God punish people like that, I believe that what ever you do the life charge you for it...God give us everything...we choose




All dead is horrible either in sickness, terrible accident or in your sleep and God doesn't curse.


while he is a loving God, you can still make him mad....Marilyn Monroe said to Billy Grahm when he came to talk to her " I don't need your Jesus" and she died at the age of 36 from an "overdose"....John Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus, he was shot and killled in his front yard....their have been plenty peole that didn't talk nice about him and were struck down....


Sooo true, thanks sonnamae.


And there are probably a few million people who didn't believe in God , but lived long happy lives.


lived long happy ones here on Earth....but wouldn't want to be them now....


explain the millions who have lived in far of reaches of the earth who never had the concept or opportunity to know of the hebrew god... what about the ancient indians, or neanderthal?

are they burning in hell now?

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

They probably had the habit of cursing God, which in itself, would not work to their advantage.
It's like a person who criticizes the same person that they expect to get money from.
Trust me. It won't work. God sees our heart, hopefully it is a clean one.


Thanks for a great answer!


My God is very loving and forgiving!


not recently... but according to the bible, it used to happen all the time... yes that kind and loving god used to murder innocent children and babies...


I don't think innocent children and babies cursed God. I'M talking about grown people who had fist waving in the air and cursing God.


No, but those innocent children cursed one of God's God sent bears after them. Very nice deity.


i dont curse god... i simply do not believe in the existence of gods... any gods...


The builder of the Titanic was on the ship and went down with it. He said that he'd built a ship that even God couldn't sink.

John P:

Shame on you. God does not do things like that.

Tangent Bill:

Adolf Hitler.


james.... adolf hitler was a devout christian... read the manuscripts of his speaches man... he references god, jesus and the bible in every single speach... he never cursed god... he was a christian...

this is yet another example of propaganda lies... i have seen hitlers name on a list of atheists... this is SO far from the truth... hitler was a huge christian james... the facts are the facts...

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