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Not all men do that. It is a very painful thing to be accused of cheating by a spouse. It doesn't necessarily mean they are cheating. Many times it means that they are very jealous, controlling and insecure. A man in this frame of mind needs some serious counseling. Jealousy can kill a relationship. If you are not cheating then the man needs some serious counseling because his jealousy is his problem not yours.


usually, but could also mean that they're insecure


no, not always does the barking dog admit guilt, he may just have some insecuity issues that he needs to's hard to say what the truth of the matter may be in any case.


could be chocolate could be


I have never had a man accuse me of cheating so I really can answer you!


truth be known. men do cheat. women cheat also.
as a victim of the former, the latter needs no comment.

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