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I want to know the history of the Lady Baltimore Luggage Company (year started, etc.)

Also, I found some information on their trademarks.  You can click on each to look at them individually:

And "Lord Baltimore" was first used in 1927!  

All three of the trademarks (Lady Baltimore, Lord Baltimore, and Starfrost) have not been renewed and are considered expired.
The best answer I can find is this court case:

Maybe Samsonite put them out of business? Baltimore Luggage Co. claimed antitrust - which means that Samsonite was potentially gaining a monopoly of the luggage market. 

This is my speculation based on the case:
The court did not award Baltimore Luggage attorneys' fees, which may have been a large enough sum to cause them financial strife.  The case lasted for about 6 years.  That's enough time to create some substantial attorneys' fees.
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