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What can cause the feeling of chewing on foil? Please see more details below.

Today at work I was drinking some bottled wasn't cold water. Before I even had the first glass teeth just started aching!!! They were getting a zinging feeling like I had chewed on foil or something. It kept hurting and zinging for a long time after that. They still feel sensitive. My teeth have never been sensitive to hot/cold things before. Any clue what it could have been? I started thinking about something metal. I did find it odd that the new guy at work (who is VERY strange!!) ...made a comment about thermometers shortly after. I thought to myself..where the hell did that come from. lol

Hello SunMoonStar. You gave a very good description of your symptoms - many people have difficulty describing things they feel.
The metallic feeling (like biting on foil) is called a galvanic response. It happens when electrons flow from one metal filling to another with differing electromotive potentials -- therefore unlike metals like gold to amalgam. This usually happens right after a new filling has been placed. It is a battery within your mouth, with your saliva or water acting as the electrolytic solution. However, this sensation is usually not a long lasting response. It lasts only a few moments, especially during chewing, and again, usually after a new metal filling has been placed.
Since this is a longer-lasting pain, I suspect you may have a temporary inflammation of the pulps of several of your teeth. This is usually caused by bruxism, which is a grinding of the teeth, usually when you are sleeping. It can also be a subconscious habit we have when we are awake. Everyone does this from time to time, but few are aware of it. Whether or not one has symptoms as you describe depends upon the intensity and duration of the grinding, and also depends upon how the teeth fit together. Typically the first time one notices this will coincide with an episode of stress in our life --work, children, spouse, relationships, final exams, getting prepared for a special trip, etc.
I don't know for sure, but from your history and description, I would first think about bruxism as a likely cause, especially if there are any areas of gum recession, exposing the root 1 or 2 mm past the gum line, as there are often nerve endings that extend top the surface of the tooth in this region, and an increase in the hydraulic fluid pressure in the pulp (caused by bruxism) can cause the nerve endings to sort of bulge out of the dentinal tubules putting them closer to the slightly cold water.
If this persists, see your dentist. And Do Not Chew Gum.<


im assuming your a dentist lol


You assumed correctly. :))


Hunchy...thank you so much. OMG...what you wrote is so right on. I haven't had any fillings...nor do I have gum recession, etc. thing that I didn't post: I woke up in the middle of the night the past 2 nights and my teeth hurt so was as if I had been clenching them in my sleep. I have never been one to clench my teeth in my sleep....or as you say grind them. Thank you so much!! I wonder why that happened all of a sudden. BTW....I do chew "a lot" of gum at work. I will take your advise and leave the gum alone.
Thanks again hunchy. I appreciate your answer very much. :)


You are most welcome. BTW, SunMoon Star, waking during sleep because of tooth pain is a hallmark symptom of bruxism, and surprisingly, some people are dreaming their teeth are falling out or very loose when clenching or grinding in their sleep.


You may have a proto cavaity. I get that sometimes. Under an old filling is a bit of decay, and now the nerve is sensitive.
AS we say on qna, go see a dentist.
Or use that numbing stuff until the tooth drops out.


Thanks Smack.....It wasn't just one tooth. The molars I have fillings in were zinging on both sides.


I did that once (waited till it had to be ripped out anyway), as it turns out, the longer you wait to see a dentist the more expensive it will be!

Literally Speaking ™:

Maybe he spiked the water with the mercury from a thermometer, might wanna get tested at the hospital.


hahahaha....would that even be possible? I'd probably be really sick if he did that....and I don't feel sick.


Here are the symptoms of mercury poisoning -

I'd be worried about the thermometers comment in this case.


Thank you Travis....he is just weird period. I don't even consider his comment as anything related. Thank you for the link though. :)


Whatever it is, I hope you get it sorted with the minimum of pain and aggro.

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