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anyone know what animal makes the noise in the trees at night in central new jersey?

I have just moved to this area and at night I hear what appears to be hundreds of an unknown type of animal or thing making noise in the trees, it sort of sounds like a frog????
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I don't know if its the bug or the frog I just done the spell check!


That is exactly what it is that makes noise. And it is actually called a tree frog. Be blessedd


They are called sequedas...but I do not have correct spelling...they only come out at dusk and make their noise like singing to each other for a few hours. The songs seem to flow across the trees. We have a lot of them here in Atlanta!!! :D


They also "Molt" and you can see their skins stuck undersides of leaves or on tree trunks ...very interesting bug!!!

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The cicadas in New Jersey got eaten by all the tree frogs. lol And that's too bad, because the cicadas only sing for a few hours, and those doggone tree frogs go on all night long.

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