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Can an oven being left on, actually kill you?

last night, after i was done with QnA, i had went into the kitchen to get a drink when i noticed my mom had forgotten, to turn of the oven, from when she was cooking a couple of hours earlier......after it was turned off, i started to wonder, can you really die, from the oven being left on? how long does it have to be left on for that to happen?
Redneck Rev:

I would imagine the only way for that to happen would be for something to catch on fire around it. I have forgotten to turn the stove off many times before and it hasn't burned down yet. It was just really hot in the house and I was wondering why. Now we have a gas stove and I hate gas so that is the only thing that would scare me about leaving it on. I can't stand gas stoves but I am renting so I have no choice in the matter.

Redneck Rev:

Well gas can kill you whether you leave the stove on or not. I don't think the stove has to be on for the house to fill up with gas. I am not sure how it works but I think something else causes the gas to leak, which would cause the house to explode.


jules......look on top of the stove.....does it have FIRE coming out of it when its on? if so then it is gas.


I think u r ok unless the place catches on fire jules....I have left my oven on for hours when I used it to heat the house when the gas line was messedup.


If the oven is operating properly there should be no danger. This includes no gas leaks for a gas oven and proper ventilation. Of course, if there is any food in the oven it could ignite and start a fire.

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