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Looking for information on Eagle Stove Mfg, Rome, Georgia


The correct name is Eagle Stove Works, of Rome GA, they also made skillets. You might be able to find more information for either:

Rome Area Heritage Foundation
1092 Mount Alto Rd. S.W.
Rome GA 30165.

Rome Area History Museum (RAHM)
303-305 Broad St.
Rome, GA 30161
(706) 235-8051

Here are some other possibilities ...​&near=Rome,+GA&fb=1&sa=X&oi=local_group&resnum=1​&ct=image


Wow! I am impressed. You are even better than 'my friends' have told me. Nice work!!


An extensive search online yielded very little data. The correct name: Eagle Stove Works, Rome GA. I also found an obituary of a gentleman who helped startup and organize the Company. Its also an antique. The people at may have the information/history you are seeking. Hope this helps.


Good for you. I hope you find it.

Tom Edmunds:


I have a large skillet and want some info on when it was made.




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