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what purpose do squirrels serve anyhow? other than aggravating the stuffing out of me, is there one?


part of the food chain


I think they help distribute seeds to different areas, and they are sooo CUTE!!


You get my vote K, they (especially the red Scottish ones) are bloody cute. You want to get rid of something crazymary, make it mosquitoes, they bit hell out of me.


Target practice? ;o)


YES...they were created to chew holes in your house and poop everywhere and chew holes in any cardboard boxes that have food items....

Are yours working up to expectations....?


they are exceeding expectations!!

a pox upon all squirrels.........they have outlived their usefulness........time for them to go extinct!!


i was going to vote for this one, 'til i saw imponderables answer....but as far as i am concerned, you have a real close second.........real close.......


They plant the nuts to grow more trees and nuts, so more squirrels have food and homes...crazymary


they collect all the nuts so we don't have to deal with them

Rene Hollis:

They are of absolutely NO use at all. They are just pests and if it was legal to shoot them I would have a field day. They chewed into my roof and had a litter in there and they ruined my whole roof and it cost me $1,300.00 to fix it.


them blasted critters have outlived their usefulness, it is time for them to be extinct...........except all these bloody animal lovers keep feeding the things...........


They are pests for sure, if you spread moth balls around they will stay away, they hate moth balls!! I know the smell isn't the best but it's good damage control.


but i have a squirrel that doesn't seem to find mothballs annoying.......he just moves them out of his way........


omg that's crazy Mary.. :)


Ask Buenare, as they seem to wield lightsabers.

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