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New Russian Rapper

What does a Stand In juror mean?


All Jury trials will have at least one additional juror (for trials expected to last a long time, weeks or months, many more alternates are added to the jury) in case a juror is dismissed for some reason. The O.J. Simpson trial had 8 alternate Jurors.

The Alternates sit and listen to all the testimony as the main jurors do. This way they are completely ready to assume the seat of any juror who is dismissed. The alternates do not participate in the Jury deliberations, but remain in the courthouse until a verdict is reached. If a juror is dismissed during the deliberations they are replaced by an alternate and the deliberations start over.

Doctor Woot:

chit you beat me again....LOL


It means you stand in if another jurror is dismissed.

New Russian Rapper:

i got a jury summons in the mail as a stand by juror for december 3 but instead of going in, i have to call to see if im needed, when i call i will reach a recording that will tell me that i should report, that i should call again later in the week, or that i am permanently excused


yep, just call the numbers -they move through them pretty quickly- chances are if you're already a standby your number will be pushed out fairly fast- Listen to the whole recording for at the end it usually states what numbers have been excused so you won't have to call anymore


the court sends summons to a certain number of jurors and if for some reason they do not have enough respond due to reasons that are valid then you would be called as a possible juror.

Doctor Woot:

actually your are both right and both wrong. Having served on more than one jury. First is the Jury pool, this consist mainly registered voters, (that is how the list is made). Second out of this pool starts the jury selection process. After the jury is selected two or three more jurors are selected as "stand in" or for jurist substitution. They the stand ins are in court and hear everything that is said and should a juror have to be dismissed or becomes ill the "stand in" then fills the spot in the juror box.

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