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How does Adolf Hitler influenced the world \ the society \ the culture


He taught the world that it can take only one person to be extremly distructive. And how far hate can really go!


Can i get a detailed and particularized answer?


Thats pretty much for me...sorry


If you want that, ask a "detailed and particularized" question.


To your point about it only taking one person to be destructive, I disagree. If people had stood up and said "no," he'd have gone nowhere. It took the backing of a nation (and especially the backing of his military). Germany got screwed after WW1, and the words he used were what the public needed to hear. Wrongly so, obviously, but he did not accomplish what he did without help.


By detailed and particular, he really meant, "will you unwittingly support my political agenda?"

I agree, one person can do a lot, if one person can sieze a city, that person can take a country.


Again, one person cannot seize a city without support. Don't believe me? Try to take one now. Go on. Right now. Go take one. Good luck.


Very negatively.


Had he not tried to take over Europe Germany would be much more powerful today than it is, and america would not be such a leader in electronics and airplanes.
With his blind hatered of Jews they started fleeing since the mid 1930s and were some of the best rocket scientists, mathematicians, and engineers in the world.


Everyone influences the world/society/culture. Hitler might have shown people that one determind man can almost literally change the world, given the right opportunities and resources.


Tough to know what you intend with this question with a present tense "does" and a past tense "influenced."

Presently, people still over use his name, like saying someone is acting like or thinking like Hitler, for example. The fact is, he existed, did what he did, and it's in the books. There are now and will continue to be people as evil in their thinking and I think it belittles an issue to make an association with him. They are trying to make a point about a degree of evil, but a comparison isn't necessary and is weak to use. If someone today does something equally bad, they should be called on it with examples and explanations of the deeds rather than a simple "he's like Hitler" comment. But I read it often.

What should be learned is that leaders can use words that inspire, but are false in their intensions. (I am not making a Hitler comparison here, just an example of abuse of power.) Bush spoke of catching bin Laden, then said Saddam had WMDs, then said we were bringing democracy to the middle east, all while instilling the name of God and country and calling people traitors if they don't back him.

The fact is, if a leader breaks the law or tries to lead the country into a war for manufacured and false pretenses, there should be people strong enough and patriotic enough to call him on the attempt. The real reason we are in the war in Iraq is so his Haleburton cronies can make billions off the war. All while saying "God bless America" and "freedom" and "democracy."

Yet there are people who love the words and cannot see past them to see the truth.


Hitler said that it is to their advantage that "People do not think. " I say that thinking is essential to life. We do not think ..we are dead..It is painful to think, one has to suffer when one thinks. It is not to the advantage of freedom, liberity, to follow along blindly. It is better to be an independent thinker. Read every thing, think about it. I think of Christians who say they hate Jewish people. Jesus was a Jew. He was of a prominent family. The House of David. Yup!. People should think a lot more than they do. If not our lovely, comfortable life style in America will be gone.

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