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What did the indians use to grind corn?


Mortars and pestles were used to grind seeds and nuts into meal. A mortar is like a bowl and a pestle is a blunt stick or stone you hold to push or pound the seeds or nuts in the mortar. Meal is the ground up nuts. The Indians used this meal much like we use flour today. They mixed it with water and made bread with it. This was probably flat bread and looked like tortillas do today. In fact corn tortillas are an ancient form of American Indian bread.
Mortars and pestles come in many sizes. The Caddo and Cherokee used big ones they called corn mills. The mortar was made from a tree trunk.The pestle would have been a stick about the size of a baseball bat to pound up and down with.
Another common mortar and pestle the Indians in Texas used is the bedrock mortar. Bedrock mortars are mostly found in the Texas Hill Country. They are all found associated with pre-historic artifacts.The Indian women would start with a natural hole or depression in the rock. After hundreds of years of use the hole would get deeper and deeper. Some of the holes were used till they went right through the rock.


Stones :)


Indians would use mortars and pestles made from either rock or wood. Corn was placed into the hollowed out mortar and then by pounding the corn with the pestle, this would grind it up into a powdery form.




oh grind not grow

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