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in china do they still limit how many kids a family can have?If so do they kill the baby if they've

already reached the max. per family?

they are allowed to have children till they have a male... its encouraged, not law... they can pay taxes to have more kids... but because male children are prized, alot of females are sent to orphanages...


i'm from China, the kids limitation policy in China is quite complex now.
urban areas: one child one family
central and western rural areas: no more than 2 kids per family
some eastern rural areas: one kid one family
minorities: not subject to the law
couples acquired master's degrees: allowed to have the second child in the near future. (this issue is still controversial)
if parents have more kids, they may lose their jobs and should pay a lot of money to the government. otherwise abortion is permitted in China.
this policy will not change in the next 5 years.
it is illegal for parents to send their daughters to orphanages, in some rural areas, it is true that boys are more cherished, but in most parts of China, sex discrimination no longer exits.
welcome to China.


I wrote my Masters thesis "The Emotional Impact of Abortion" based on the experience of a girl I met in China and it confirms you question, but that was in 1989.

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From what I had heard, the limit was 2 children per married couple. If that meant sending girls to an orphanage, that's what they did. I don't know of them killing any.

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