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Has there ever been any real "superhero" vigilantes?

We were all kids once. And one fantasy that lots of kids shared, including myself, was making a costume and being a masked superhero. But that's all it was, a fantasy. But I wonder, has anyone out there ever taken that fantasy too far and actually tried to fight crime in their own homemade costume? It sure would make an interesting story on CNN...

There are actually a bunch of them. I discovered that there is quite a little subculture of these people running around major cities in costumes and doing anything from road side assistance and cleaning peoples windshields, (See New York's own Squeegee-Man.) to breaking up muggings and visiting sick children in hospitals. Here's a link for a lot of them.


No, just the fantasy thing! But I did it as an adult!


Well, some people don't consider this person to be a super hero, and I don't know if they are wearing a costume or not. Someone is monitoring kids sites, and turning the tables on the predators. Police say that the suspect has a knack for hooking pedophiles, setting up a live meeting, and then killing them. No further info is known. The families of the "victims" don't feel the police are working very diligently on the cases, and are threatening prosecution. Sounds like a SUPER HERO to me.

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