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How much does One Box of Stove Top Turkey Stuffing make? A lot I hope cause I need to feed 30 ppl!

It is for a Math Project. Plz help me!

I just looked at a box of Stove Top and it says it makes 4-6 servings. Naturally, the higher the number the smaller the portions. So, at 4 servings per box will require 8 boxes (4x8=32). 6 servings per box will require 5 boxes(5x6=30).


One box will serve about 4 people, unless somebody reallllly likes stuffing, so ou're going to need at least 7 boxes, and one extremely large turkey (or plan on getting a turkey or two extra). Happy Thanksgiving. And of course, from the magicman, be blessed


Hello magicman. Know anything about the accounting field? I'm considering a career change.


I know it is very detail oriented, but has the potential for good money. The most money is made by Certified Public Accountants (commonly called CPA's). I do some church mortgage brokering and know a few CPA's. A single audit of a church's financial report, for example, can garner upwards of $6,000. Becoming a CPA requires intensive study and is not for someone who does not like crunching numbers. Good luck and God bless


Five people MAX!


Who's Max?




Ummm, one box will not do it. It feeds 4 comfortably I think. My wife and I make a box for ourselves and there is about half left.


You need to get 2 large packages of Bell's Stuffing or Pepperidge Farm, they are lots better tasting than Stove Top and 2 or 3 packs should feed 30 people. And I thought 15 was a lot!!


leath is right ! Only five and that is skimping. If you are using it for stuffing for a turkey you would need four boxes and a thirty pound turkey! I wish you the best!


Good luck, but ya better add some more water to the soup!


figure 1 out of three won't eat it . 2 will eat double portions and the rest will just pick at it . 4, I'm going to say 4 boxes


go with 10 boxes....left overs help


He is wise beyond his years standsalonewolf.

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