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Does eating Boiled Eggs make your Tummy Bloat?

What to do?( gtm ) When I eat fried eggs my tummy doesn't bloat. Can you give me a remedy for it?

hey tweets!! Lol, this is perilously close to a fart-humor question ;-) lol...


Now Willow you know me better than that lolllll:)but yet you do know I am sneaky gtm-- I don't think nobody noticed the funtering tag but of course you notice eveything LOLLL How you doing friend


when an egg is boiled in it's shell there is no where for the gasses to escape. The frying of an egg is done outside of the shell(generally anyway) allowing the gases to leave. Not so in a boiled egg. they are all trapped inside and released when you ingest them. I chop mine up and add butter, salt and pepper and heat in the microwave. Wa la not so much burping and STUFF


Thank you glennie for that information I will try that :) I did not know the answer to this question when I asked it again thanks:)


Yes, and leaves no room for the good stuff. Guess that's why they are good for filling to continue. :)


lol Thanks Bev":)


Aren't those tags a joke??!!!!!!!! I've never heard of that!!!! It doesn't happen to me! You have a sensitive tummy? Hummm, !!!!!!!! Not a good thing around Easter! Guess, you'd best leave them alone is all I can think of!!!!! :))


Hey lips -- those tags(animal) - You are the first I have met that eating boiled eggs it did not bother. You must have a iron tummy lol


Well, I don't eat the whole dozen!!!!!!!!!!!


Lol If I eat a dozen I would start floating:)


The remedy would be not to eat hard boiled eggs if it makes you bloat. Otherwise ask the Easter bunny for fried eggs with colored dye instead.


LOL Minka Thanks:)


yes, they are full of gas which causes bloating, but I just love them...


Hi sonnamae wonder what causes the gas in boiled eggs but not fried eggs lol :) I love them too Yummm but they don't like me

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