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Cooking: How long do you pan fry thin cut pork loin chops for?

I am not much of a chef when it comes to cooking meats. How long do you cook these for an at what tempature? I love how they say to an internal tempature of xxx. I have no way to measure that. Even if I did I don't think I could stick a temperature guage into a small piece of meat such as these.

if really thin they will need just a few minutes on each side... pork needs to be well done!!! I find it easier to cut them into smaller pieces and fry them... they take less time, get crispy all over... and I am gonna cut them up anyway, so why not...


Mom, yur avatar...ROFL...every time I come here it is just too funny.......God bless you!!!.............;-)


Depends on how you want the end result...If you want them fried..dredge them in a mixture of flour, cracked pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Put 1/4 cup cooking oil in large skillet. Dregge chops in the flour mixture and fry on each side about 15 minutes. Pure fat perfection! `Bon Appetit!!.......;-)


pls excuse typos I am multitasking!


Thanks I found a simple reciepe online that was similar to yours just now. But it said 7 minutes on each side.


nogard thats right... 15 minutes would be about 7 minutes on each side...

wish..... thanks!!!! I have found several of them :)))


I just did a search on here too, 10 minutes seems to be the max.


I had to go with 7 minutes on each side and they still burnt a little bit on Med-High. Next time I will try a little lower heat.


Yes, it all depends on thickness of chop, ( I do real thick ones) type of cookware and rangetop (gas or electric).....quite the mathmatical equation, cooking is!! ...;-)


Cook them until they are white inside and no longer pink.


Dont eat pork so, i couldn't tell you.


Pig flesh has many parasites so it should be Well cooked.


Most modern pigs are so pumped full of chemicals and medicine that parasites and other problems of the past are no longer an issue, so you can cook them a little bit more rare than in the past. Most pigs are also bred to have little fat these days, so it's easy to turn them in to crispy critters because they don't have enough fat to keep them moist during high temp cooking.

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