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Can you die from seizures?

Please tell me no.....My best friend just had like 20 of them and now she's in the hospital.....they can't figure out if she has epilepsy or not...
Bugsy seigal:

Seizures are caused by misfires of the electrical system in the brain. Generally No you dont die from a seizure. However if the seizures are frequent enough and can cause damage. They have several Meds on the market that work wonders. The one med i have the most experience with is Topamirate (Topamax). If you have anymore questions or concerns please feal free to contact me.


Wow!. A lot of conditions can cause seizures. Epilepsy, Diabetes, Neurological problems etc.
My husband is a Type 1 diabetic, and he had a seizure that scared the poop out of me! Diabetic seizures stem from LOW blood sugar. ( eyes roll back, uncontrollable shaking/spasms, sweating, confusion)
I hope your best friend will be diagnosed very soon, and that it is NOT life threatening.
As for dying from seizures? I believe it is possible if the medical team cannot diagnose the cause.


Seizures could also be an allergic reaction.


Allergies can cause seizures too.


That depends. Anyone who has a history of seizures should avoid things like driving, swimming, climbing ladders, etc, etc because of the inherent risk involved if they were to have a seizure during that activity.

There is also a condition called "status epilepticus" which is a medical emergency and refers to a seizure that does not stop under normal circumstances. It does not refer to having seizures often, but having one seizure that continues on and on. Status epilepticus does have the potential to cause permanent damage and/or death.

There are many conditions which can cause seizures, and often times it cannot be diagnosed on the first presentation to the hospital/doctor. The only definitive way to diagnose them is for the patient to have one while being monitored by EEG.


I have heard that people can die from Grand Mal seizures if left untreated. Perhaps your friend should be on some sort of medicine until they find out "why" she has them.

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