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Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens

What is the purpose of preheating an oven before baking?


Baking time is calculated for an oven that is at the proper temperature. Oven warm up to the correct temperturer at a different rate and therefore would make baking time almost impossible to predict.


Maybe so the item bakes more evenly? instead of starting off cool and getting warmer and warmer? By placing the item in even heat may be closer to the suggested baking times on the instructions.


Leavened baked goods need to be able to set before the leavening power dissipates. Starting off in a cold oven versus a heated one would result in a flat chewy cookie versus a tall fluffy one. Breads may also end up with a concaved (collapsed) top instead of a nice round top.


when i think about the food that needs preheating like pizza, buns, cookies they have ingredients that need the heat to activitate the rising process


so that it will be the correct temp when you put your food in it....if you want, you can just put your food in the oven and then turn it on, but you must add the time it takes for the oven to reach the proper temp to the total cooking time of your food.....

do you know how long it takes your oven to reach 350 degrees once you turn it on? If not, then I would recommend pre heating the oven.

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