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I set a hot pizza box on my table, and it left an unsightly mark. How do I get rid of it?

The table is black, and there's a whiteish area where the box was. I think the finnish may have come off. How do I fix it?

I have heard that rubbing the spot with mayonnaise will remove it.
Also rubbing with cigarette ash is supposed to remove the spot.


Cigar or cigarette ash and a little water does work on some things if the surface is wood. Another home remedy is using a banana skin to rub on the surface. $

?Santa's Helper?:

1) Steel wool until the white is gone.
2) Matching stain.
3) Matching varnish, oil, or similar finishing agent.


Anything I can use insted of steel wool?


It may just be from wax build up. This happens a lot to finishes when dusting with furniture polish. Before you do the whole and down and refinish thing. Get some "Pledge" dust spay and spray it on there real good, then take a soft cloth and rub it in real good. Sometimes this takes off the wax build up, and will remove the white marks.


You might try some of that product called "Goo be Gone", it works on many things like that. $

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