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///////why does each state have different laws should the law be the same in all states ?/////


It has to do with states rights. Each state can make and enforce laws as they see fit. If everything was the same in all 50 states, why even have states?






that would make sense wouldnt it.... have you read some of the state laws?? some of them are just down right stooooopid......


yes it would


I think they infringe upon our constitutional rights, just because they can and half the time they don't even tell us when they do it.


could be

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

The States were created at different times with different circumstances. The Federal government already overlaps many laws. Hawaii was settled much differently than Connecticut. I cannot imagine why they should be governed by the same group of laws. For the citizens convenience?


I believe if the laws were the same in each state, everyone would know what they are, and you wouldn't get in trouble when you cross state lines and do something that was legal in the state you came from.


yes that is true


Many laws are the same nationwide & federal law always holds authority over state laws. But the constituton protects the states ability to draft their own set of laws that don't necessarily apply to individuals living in other states. Providing they don't violate federal laws.


yes federal laws are just not state laws


Well, some aren't significant in the eyes of the Constitution. They could ban fireworks in Oregon, but allow them in California. ( I'm not sure if they are banned in Oregon, but you get where I'm going. Other times, the laws can be the same in every state, but the consequences can differ. In fact, the US Constitution doesn't set the consequences of violating it.


Sure, but then what happens when a law benefits people in one state but not another? What about geographic and cultural differences? Should we all give them up and do California's bidding because they out number most other states? Why would anyone join a union that writes EVERY single law you have to live by, and if they changed now, wouldn't that be a bait and switch (a tactic of an evil empire and not a free democracy)?

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