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What happened 29 years ago today?

Hint: It was late morning or early afternoon where I lived in Coeur d' Alene Idaho and the sky suddenly went dark.

the mountain blew up..


mt. saint helens blew it's lid.


We were on our way - driving a moving van from Minneapolis to Coeur d'Alene. Their was still plenty of ash coming down for the rest of the summer, as you would walk through the forest. Didn't catch the afternoon of darkness and fear however. That ash caused the town to sprout - growth was unmatched, from a quaint little resort town to sprawling city in competition with Spokane.


It was a day unparelled by any other for me. A day I'll never forget. I still have a small jar of the ash that fell in our yard that day. Do you still live in the beautiful city of Coeue D' Alene? The last time I was there was about 9 years ago.

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