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What will happen if i reboot my computer? Will it run fast like it was brand new?


It will probably run about the same as it did following your last re-boot.


reboot = turning off and turning back on
this will probably not make it run much faster at all.

What I think you mean is a fresh install of the operating system which would make it run as fast as it was the day you bought it.


Sometimes, yes. If you mean just stopping and starting your computer back up. There could be several memory intensive processes taking up all your CPU that will be killed when you restart the computer.

Your computer could run faster when you start it back up, unless those intensive processes (applications) are scheduled to start on startup. open up your task manager and sort by CPU, and see what is taking most of your CPU. Then stop them one at a time to see if your speed improves.


Sometimes it will run faster, but usually does not make a big difference. You can find more tips at

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