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My hotmail won't work.. I can't access anything on hotmail! HELP ME!

How come my hotmail won't work whenever I try and get on my e-mail, it just has a blank page and says it's loading. Then a few minutes later it says "The page Cannot be Connected". It's the same for btoh of my computers BUT my friend's computer can go on hotmail without a problem. So I can go on anywhere in MSN but the hotmail site.... it could be my dam internet provider. (Time Warner Cable)
D J:

Um I use "Opera" internet browser to do everything and almost everys I encounter works on it.
But coincidently both browsers won't load my email, and for some reason I can't update my internet explorer to 7.0


Sometimes when it takes too long for a connection you will get that error message. Try doing a disk clean to empty all your folders...this will help speed up your computer.
Start> programs> accesories>system tools> disk clean.


Try cleaning up Temporary Internet Files first, delete cookies and all files, if that doesnt work try using a different browser such as Mozilla. I doubt that is your Internet Provider. But if you want you can try reseting your modem until you get a different IP address. Maybe hotmail has you banned your current address for some reason.


you have using previous versino of browser please update your browser


If deleting your cookies doesnt work try using Msn messenger that comes with your xp machine. You do not need to pay for it just enter your information.

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