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Why does my Linksys router need resetting every couple days?

Every few days, I need to completely reset my Linksys wireless router and leave it unplugged for a couple minutes before it will work again. It's a Wireless-G router and it's model is WRT54G V6.

Do you have it on an UPS? Short outages can wreak havoc on a modem/router.


No, I couldn't afford one. I haven't had any outages here since getting the router. I've had a few outages with my modem and tripped over the power cord/phone line (it's DSL) before causing it to disconnect, but it has always reconnected after being shut off for 30 seconds.

Besides, how likely is it that there would be a power outage every couple days? If it's likely for you, you probably need your electrical system in your house checked, but they rarely happen here.


Power outages are common here in Bowling Green, KY. Twice a day is not uncommon. That’s why I have all computer related equipment on UPS.

Is your DSL line dedicated? If not, do all other instruments that share that line have the micro-filter installed on them? Does that line share a modem or fax?

Have you tried logging onto the router when the problem occurs to see if it has obtained an IP address from the modem?


I've never once heard of power outages being possible, not even from my friends and family who live out of state. Then again, I know little of geography, though I don't know why the power companies in your aread would work to make the electric systems more reliable.

My DSL line has only a DSL modem and phone connected to it. My portable phone, non-portable phone, and fax machine all of DSL filters attatched (they all run off of the same phone line; the fax machine can be setup so that it can listen to the answering machine and detect if it is an incoming fax or an actual phone call, which is how it is currently setup), and the DSL modem itself is connected directly to the phone line. That is how I was instructed by Verizon to set things up.

As for the router, I can't log into it. I've tried typing in it's gateway IP (default=, though I always change it to to that I don't get it confused with my modem's default gateway IP), but Internet Explorer just says that the page can't be found. I can't get back in until I've reset the router by holding in it's reset button for 5 seconds, then by unplugging it for 1 minute (yes, I have to do this, or else it won't let me access it).

After it's reset, I can log into the router and set it up how to connect to the modem. When I save the settings for connecting to the modem, it will cut me off again, even if I try refreshing the IP address and having Windows attempt to repair the connection. I have to unplug it for another 1 minute before I can access it again and setup my wireless settings.

Whenever it stops working, I always try unplugging it for 1 minute first before resetting it, but it never works until I actually do reset it. The only thing I can think of is that the modem itself is also a router. I had to log into the DSL modem and shut off it's antenna in order to setup the Linksys router in the first place. I got the new router because th


We live in a rural area of a small town. We experience all kinds of outages from phones to electrical power, especially during foul weather.

It sounds like your DSL is setup properly. Some folks forget to install the micro-filters.

I think I know what the problem is; you have two routers, thus two DHCP servers on your network. Your modem is one of those combination modem/router/kitchen sink devices (the antenna and 4 LAN ports give it away). The WRT54G is also a router. I can not get the user manual from Linksys’ site so I am not sure whether or not it has DHCP built-in. I would be willing to bet that both the modem and router do have DHCP built-in and running.

If I am correct, you do not need the WRT54G. All you need is a WAP (Wireless Access Point) such as the WAP54G. If you want to keep the WRT54G, either turn off its DHCP server or turn off the modems DHCP server. You can only have one DHCP server per network. Please note that any hardwired devices, such as your desktop, will have to be plugged into the LAN port of whatever device you decide to use as the DHCP server.

Please verify that both devices (the modem and WRT54G) have DHCP enabled. If they do, I would be more than happy to walk you through setting them up properly.

Anyway, to answer your original question; if my assumptions are correct, the reason that you lose connectivity on a regular basis is because the DHCP lease expires and it can not obtain a new lease (due to the conflicts) so it does not setup the IP protocol stacks for one of the network interfaces. You can verify this by checking the lease durations to see of they coincide with the loss of connectivity.


I've looked all through the modem's settings, and I haven't seen anything for DHCP at all. I know that my Linksys router has it, but as far as I know, it's not in the modem. I never really knew what this is for, so I just left it alone on the router. As for the router manual, it's on the Linksys web site, I've accessed it before, but it has no troubleshooting guide that I can see.
The link to the downloads page for my router:​&packedargs=page%3D2%26cid%3D1115416835852%26c%3DL_Content_C1&​pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&SubmittedElement=Linksy​s%2FFormSubmit%2FProductDownloadSearch&sp_prodsku=1149562300349

The link to the product manual (you might have to save the target in order to open it; I had trouble getting the PDF to display by just plain clicking it):​rname1=Content-Type&blobheadername2=Content-Disposition&blobhe​adervalue1=application%2Fpdf&blobheadervalue2=inline%3B+filename​%3DWRT54G_ug.pdf&blobkey=id&blobtable=MungoBlobs&blobwhere​=1130838623358&ssbinary=true

PS-I've already installed the latest firmware f


Correction, it does have a troubleshooting section in the guide. I guess they updated it from a few days ago when I first looked at it.


Oh, and thanks for your help.


Sorry for the late reply.

There is an easy way to see if your modem has a DHCP service running:

1. Make sure the TCP/IP protocol bound to the NIC on your computer is set to Obtain an IP address Automatically and Obtain a DNS server automatically is checked.
2. Connect the modem directly to your computer’s NIC.
3. Jump out to the command line and run IPCONFIG /ALL

If the IP Address is in the block your modem does NOT have DHCP running. If it is in the block your modem does have DHCP running.

If your modem does have DHCP running try to disable the WRT’s DHCP server and see what happens.

What is the make/model of your modem?

BTW, you are welcome.


I have Linksys Wireless, their tech support is the best. Here is the number: 800-326-7114. Their support center is in India and someone is there 24/7. Call this number and they will guide you through.

Old Guy:

Try watching a streaming media clip on and see if it crashes. linksys made a few routers with streaming media issues. The router would crash as soon as any computer on the network would go to a site with streaming media on it. The only way to get it to work again was to power cycle the router. Google “BEFW11S4 streaming” and you can read all about all of problems people have had, I know you have a different model but maybe it is related.


Mine used to do that . Now it only happens if a bad storm
hits. if you keep having problems , call your internet provider.
They know how to help. Or take it back and get another one/ hopefully you saved your receipt if it is fairly new.
Sorry I can't help you much.


I got it for Christmas, so my mother probably still has the receipt.


If the router fails, it is not the ISP, but the router itself.


Yeah, the router is a Linksys router (they're owned my Cisco Systems) and my ISP is Verizon (which is owned by Verizon, lol). They are two seperate entities.


I had that problem if it is still under warrenty you should just take it back and get another one.

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