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Why does my pointer crawl to the left of my screen when I am not even touching my mouse?

It just started doing this recently.

I had this problem as well, with an optical mouse. I found that cleaning the mouse and pad of debris worked perfectly. Also, if it is cordless, try replacing the batteries...

Even the older style wheel mouse can become tricky when the mechanisms next to the ball get clogged...


Check your mouse pad or whatever you're using you're mouse on. I'd bet it's a optical mouse and the problem is just so common... Try putting something colorful or with a pattern below your mouse. Voila! Should not happen again.


I had this happen on a laptop with a touch pad when I wasn't touching it or anything else.
Not really sure what caused the problem.
The whole laptop crashed not long after.


Check out the left arrow on the keyboard. It may possibly be down a bit!

God's Best! xo


I am having that problem now with my laptop touchpad. Sometimes while I'm touching it, sometimes when I'm not. I don't know the answer, I'm just commiserating.


You may have a Crazy Mouse or virus:

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