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Alexander Mahone:

You can open the files in C:\Documents and Settings\Rolandixor\My Documents\My Received Files\"Email address or live ID"\History

To recover deleted files, you need a program that can scan for and recover such files. Do a search for "restoration.exe"

SeXXy BlaCC:

My messages had been deleted from my history also.

These are important im that I really need. Is there anything else I can do?

Alexander Mahone:

If you have not done anything that can overwrite them, download restoration.exe and search for xml files. Then save them to another disk, like a USB Flash drive...


CLick on the trash bin and a list of deleted items will populate and then choose which ones you want to permanently delete and which ones you want to restore.

God's Best! xo

SeXXy BlaCC:

My trash bin had already been emptied.


God's Best! ox

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