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My computers color is all messed up. How can i fix this?


I`m guessing you mean your monitor colors are.
If I`m right.
1) right click on the desktop screen.
2) left click on properties
3) left click on the tab that says settings
4) adjust the slide or the numbers to read 1024 x768 highest 32 bit
5) click apply and ok and exit or close

If you have had a magnet near the screen it will have to be taken to a dealer or television place to be degauzed. To get blotches of colors out of certain areas. Do not put a Magnet Near a colored TV screen nor a monitor ever.


Sometimes you need to reboot (shut down the computer and restart it) for it to register as with many things you do to make changes to enable the computer to recognize the changes made.


right click on your desktop and make corrections there


You might want to check the setting on the monitor itself too. There are usually buttons on the front, but some are kind of hidden under the front edge. One of them should bring up a menu. You'll probably have to play around with the buttons to figure out what's what. Many of them have a degause option too.

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