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What effect does technology play in our experiences of art? List good and bad

Most of our experiences of art comes to us second hand through reproductions seen in books, posters and on the internet. We rarely get to see the "actual" surface of paintings. It is difficult to experience the richness of the medium chosen and the scale of the original, yet, without these reproductions; most of us would never get to see the image. What's your opinion?

I believe that it is all based on the prefrences of the person viewing the art. Art is all about the viewers perception and what the artist wants to convey in their art to the viewer. If that can be done in digital, cool, if the real thing is needed, then the real thing is needed.

Though i will pose the question what about when it is digital art like a very cool 3D animation or some other piece that originated on the computer? is that better in the computer form or is that better in the hand? I again think it is all perception, but that is me.


I don't know ... I have seen a good number of "actual" rare paintings in my day.

All one must do is to take a trip to your local art museum. Those more adventuresome may go to Paris or London and visit theirs.

Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. ;-)

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