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How long does it usually take to download a torrent file?

To Anybody who uses BitTorrent.

it depends on how big your file is, 1gb takes about 12 hours (if you're lucky) with dsl. it downloads at about 18kb to 20kb per second, the most is 40kb to 100kb with high speed dsl. the more seeds you have the faster the download will be.


1/2 hour or an hour


depends on the size of the file, the tracker you d/l'ing from, the number of seeds and peers for that file, the size of the file, etc....


Your download speed. what the ratio of seeds to leeches is. (if thier are 4 seeds but 150 leaches those people are sharing with 150 people already) whcih would cause it to go slower. Iw use bitcomet for torrents.

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