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How can I see what other people on our home network are doing on their computers?


Well if you're technically minded, you can use Ethereal and analyze all the outgoing packets on the network. If you see where the packets are going and on which ports, you can pretty much guess what the user's doing.

If you want to monitor what the user's doing by seeing what's on their screens, Cult of the Dead Cow has BackOriface2000 but most anti-viral programs recognize it as spyware. Its a good remote monitoring and management program though, but the script kids tried to use it for cracking early in its history and gave it a bad name. It works well though and its free, though like I said, with alot of firewalls and anti-virus programs, you have to make special firewall rules and exclusions in your anti-virus program to use it.

There are also paid remote management programs out on the market but alot of them are really expensive and alot of the ones for end-users don't give detailed enough information.


Hey dude, thr r lots of third party software available to download for monitoring home network by sharing screen/desktop in stealth mode even with the help of these software u can access any PC in your home Network from anywhere in the world via internet...

>>How can I see what other people on our home network are doing on their computers?
Just visit this link >download Net OP School >install it on your PC n finally monitor everyone simultinously by sharing thr desktop on your PC :

This one is reputed n used globely by Instituation/college/schooll to monitor/teching students.

Add_on:- Access/Monitor your PC from anywhere in the world:
just visit >get register >download LogmeIn clien >install it n finally access/monitor it from anywhere via intenet


Best thing is to ask them. Snooping around is not very healthy.

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