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What's the average lifespan of a laptop computer?

Mine is 3 yrs old and used daily for work and pleasure. My new one is coming on Friday and I'm wondering how long do they usually last. Not counting the new technology just the wear and tear.
Ry dog:

I's say 3 - 4 years if it has all the bells & whistles and you do simple things on it. Like Browse, email & use office
If you are into Audio/Video or serious CPU intensive functions it depends on your patience & the demand of the job
But usually 3-4 years is a good life for one.


Hello Jackie:

The EOL (End of Life) of the laptop’s I have control over of I have seen are all about the user.
The laptop starts as a work Laptop, Home Laptop, and last a Childs Laptop. As the hardware is ageing over time the hardware moves lower in the food chain. It will maximize the useable of the laptop for all users in your work/social groups. I have found that “sometimes” the Work Laptop is sold to its end user to be used as a home Laptop . The home user will now “sometimes” give the laptop it to a Child…..

a. A Work Laptop EOL is about 2 years (Note OS EOL is 2 Rev's)

b. A Home Laptop EOL is about 3-4 years (Note: OS EOL is 3 rev's)

c. A Childs Laptop EOL is about 4-6 years

Your next work Laptop should have about X% more then your old Laptop.

CPU about 200% more CPU speed
HDD about 300% more storage
MEM about 300% more MEM
GPU about 200% more MEM, 200% more GPU Speed



2 years is what I would consider the turnover for a laptop. 3 years if it is a really good one. Mind you, the use of the laptop is for work, pleasure and all the bumps from travelling etc. I usually just upgrade the RAM to its maximum should it run slower and also the HDD.

If youre using the laptop purely for browsing, basic word processing/office things... then it is possible to extend the lifespan to say 4 years, in fact Ive known my little nephew to use my old laptop I used in university, which was like 9 years ago... still running good.

The reason why I tend to go through laptops in a short time is that I take into technology and new versions of software, I also run CPU/Memory intensive programs, gaming as well as other multimedia applications over 3 monitors. I buy mobile desktop replacement workstations. Thats an extreme. So what is the answer... it really falls on your needs and how you use and take care of your laptop :)


Ah! Its upto ur handling. More harsh handling reduce the span of ur computer. More soft handling increases the life span and too maintenance of h/w, defrag etc.,
If u keep it on the show case it will be as it is for even 1000 years or more. No average calculations but upgradations will be there in the techonlogy!!!
There is no full wipe out!!!!


well i have a pc that is 10 years old so i guess a new laptop would go even longer but im not sure

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