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How do i deactivate Norton internet security and Norton protection center, permanently?

I got avast anti-virus, and it seems to conflict with norton, however i cant seem to exit the apps. I tried right-clicking the processes, lets me deactivate till next start up, i try task manager, but it denies me to exit norton. Checked start-up menu in programs, its not there eitheralright, just found out how to disable internet security at startup, but cant exit either or disable protection center?BTW: I have Norton internet security, protection center, anti-virus and anti spam, should i keep one of these on (incase avast doesn't have the feature on my free version: 4.7 home edition)

dont want to uninstall, but thanks for the link (maybe i can persuade my old man to do so...)


You can deactivate or uninstall if you have administrative rights. If you don't then you can't.


yes i do, but my dad told me NOT to unistall it, he payed for it, stupid dumba$$


also it tells me i dont have the right to deactivate auto-protect


Shoot Norton as the devious whack-chop he is. Har, Har.
You could always throw your computer off a cliff, if you get desperate....


no, i would naver expose the computer to that, but the first idea isnt too bad

Common man:

hi taz,jim has given you the address for the norton removal tool,if that fails( i dont think so )you may have to consider a nuclear proposition. cheers.

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