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how can you use your home phone landline and hook it up to the computer free of charge

I want a URL to a free service that I can download to use so I can talk to people through my computer with my Home Phone plan!

but you can acsualy pay for internet


and when u do use skype to call anyone around the world for free


Not exactly free but if you go to and download its free program you can speak computer to computer for free anywhere in the world and computer to land line at a very modest cost, depending on the country you are calling. To receive the later service you need to set up an account through the above program. Can be for as little as a few Euros.


you can ask my son hehehehe. he wont tell me anything. Be affraid, That Id uncontrol him or. Not let him have it, But he can have anything he wants, just because he's my baby roo hahahaha, You can look in help in your pc, Hook it up dude.

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