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Hi, how do I delete my account at the fanbox website (the web-based desktop)?

I want to know how I can delete my account at the fanbox website (the web-based desktop) because I didn't create it. It was created automatically when I viewed and answered a question a member from that website had sent me.Please help me because I am really really worried about this.Thanks.
Johnene v:

I am having the same problem I did not make the acount and when I go through the steps to delete it it never actualy does it


To cancel the account seems pretty straight forward. Click the "Automatic Login" link in one of the emails they send you. Once logged in, click the "Suggest" icon. This should open a window. Click the "Account" link at the upper right. This will bring up the account window. About three options down is the "Account Status" option. Click on this to open it, and select a reason to deactivate your account. NEVER MIND THAT THE "DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT" BUTTON LOOKS GRAYED OUT. IT STILL WORKS.
Fanbox is an insidious, virus-like, "application". I put application in quotes because it is, in my opinion, more like malware than software.


Hi pnutluvr98528, If the method you provided me with is the answer to the problem, then I have already found an answer to my question. After I asked my question here on Live QnA, I went to the fanbox website and found where and how to deactivate my account there, so thanks a lot for that. You have answered my question but it is after I found the answer to my question myself. All the same it is you who have answered the question right and in the great way.
Thanks again.


Because you did not create it you won't be able to do it most likely requires a password to access.


I already have the password. I got it by changing the password and using a new one.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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