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Why does my Canon Printer have 2 black cartridges?

My Canon Printer is an all in one, model Pixma MP600. It has 2 black cartridges, one small one (the same size as the color cartridges) and a large black one.The large black one runs out. The small black cartridge never runs out. It is as full as the day I bought the printer.The Canon manual makes no mention as to the purpose of the other black cartridge.Does anyone have any clues?

The large cartridge is used for black and white copies only. The small one is used in the color printing. They run out according to your usage. It sounds like you print more black and white documents than you do color ones.


When have you ever seen anything black that is not expected to work twice as hard ? lmao




He said black, not brown! ;)


I said Black not brown


i think because so it has more ink to write on more papers!Thats my opinoin


Some printers have a glossy black and a matte black, used for printing photographs. Others have one black for text, and another for photographs.

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