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How far away should I keep my computer tower from my surround sound speakers? (see details...)

I have these speakers:​=25&product=10596I know that speakers can corrupt data on a hard drive if they're too close. How far away do I need to keep the satellite speakers? What about the subwoofer?
Paper Trader:

Obviously you've learned that speakers have magnets him and that magnets can alter current flow. Those, if you put your speakers right next to your CRT monitor, you will notice that the areas around the speaker extending 2 to 4 inches across the screen are discolored.

That said, unless your speakers have a big honking woofer, you don't need to be overly concerned about where you put them. Right on the same desk is fine. Just don't let the speakers but up against the monitor (the most susceptible) or the PC tower. (The computer itself is more robust. Nothing but a really serious magnetic field is going to disturb it. In my 30 years working with and managing computers and technology departments, I have never seen a speaker take out a personal computer or laptop.

And if your screen is not an old-fashioned CRT monitor but one of the newer LCD monitors then you have nothing really to worry about either way because the LCD monitors are not projecting electrons against a phosphorus screen, which can become damaged if magnetized (i.e. if the screen is magnetized the electrons will be repelled)


Bravo Greg, excellent answer. However our towers are protected by a thin metal casing that is treated with a chemical alloy which alters the current which can effect the monitor. That said your tower should be placed under the monitor never next to, beside, or on top. The speaker has no direct affect on the tower.


.... and that said, most computer speakers are also magneticly shielded meaning it doesnt make the blindest bit of difference where you put them......

unless your an audiophile who demands which case you probably wouldnt be asking here....

joking aside if you want the best possible sound, insure that all electronic cables are shielded and kept well away from them, ensure that all sources of electromagnetic field are at least a couple of feet away, then make sure that there is decicated earthing points for all your PC equipment that doesnt connect to the microwave and hair dryer!

If your normal, stick them where ever looks good for you.


627 miles




ON the next block.


Ain't that 627 miles?


About a foot away :)

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