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Is it illegal to watch movies over the internet that are still in theaters?

If it is illegal, who gets in trouble, the person who puts them on their website or the person who watches them?

It's probably illegal, but I doubt the MPAA will come after you - they're mainly after people making the movies available to others.
If movie production companies had some sense, they should make the movies available to download for a reasonable fee soon after theater release. The downloaded copy will have poorer quality than the theater version or subsequent DVD release, but rather than spending money chasing file sharing teenagers, they could be making some money from all those who actually prefer legally acquired content...


I haven't found any info yet to make me sure I shouldn't watch them but I feel uneasy. I really can't afford to take me and all my children to the theater at New York City prices on a regular basis but I don't want to teach them that movie piracy is a good thing. I would pay a nominal fee gladly but with 6 kids living at home at $10 a ticket, they won't get out as much as they would like if they want to continue eating.


I know a few people who do it. I have no idea if it's entirely legal.


Just wondering since I'm watching the Bourne Ultimatum.


my son does it all the time, of course he's a computer whiz, legal ??? sorry


Oh well.


Jackie- sure it is, but so is the office football pool, and buying a Superbowl box at the local bar.


By that I will continue to enjoy my movie and hope the feds don't get me.


I woould think if it was illegal, the person that puts them on would be to blame. I wish I knew how to.


I could tell you the name of a few websites but that would probably be a violation of the Code of Conduct. Perhaps I can share it with you privately.


can u send me a message maybe??


i would think so because it is illegal to tape them in the movie theater and to download them.


I know it's illegal to tape them and to share them but what if they are streamed. I don't keep a copy and I don't share. Is that illegal too if it's available on so many different sites?

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