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How do I reboot my computer after a power outage? I get to Windows XP but it won't open.


Your config.sys file has become corrupted (probably); this is what will (eventually) happen to people who don't shut their computer down properly. What you need to do now is to restart your computer and press the F8 key (as soon as it powers up). this will present you with some choices. Choose (I forget the exact wording) LAST KNOWN GOOD STARTUP. Your computer will restart and will be working as properly as before. When you've got your computer back, put the mouse on START, click and choose RUN, now type (EXACTLY)
SFC /scannow and your computer will repair the windows files so that you will still have all of your settings but it will be a brand new install of Windows.


enter safe mode as an administrator, and or utilize the system restore program

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