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what should I do when my attorney wont answer me? Who do I turn to?

I'm involved in a class action lawsuit. I've asked my attorney for an update but they wont call me or write to me to inform me of how much longer that I have to wait. A few weeks ago, they sent me a form to fill out for them and send it back to them. I did that. Now that I have a question, they wont say anything. In February 08, I was told that I will get a big lump sum. In March 08, they called to see if my phone call was returned. Here it is May, and I want an update.

The next time you call, don't ask to speak to the attorney. Ask for the paralegal who assists him. Tell the paralegal that you'd like a status update on your class action suit. Be polite, courteous, and try to establish a rapport with the paralegal. Tell this person that you don't need to talk to the attorney...ask the paralegal if he/she can check on it for you and call you back. Let her know the specific questions you have. Do this in a patient way that DOESN'T include, 'WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG???!!!" Good luck.


I've tried calling my paralegal and the attorney , but I get no answer, just the answering machine. Thanks anyways.

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