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how do you bring up history on what web sites have been visited on your computer?


click on tools then, browsing history and you can pick what you want to delete.


opps misunderstood question


Hold the CTRL key, and then press H. If that doesn't work, hold the CTRL key and the shift key, and then press H


I get HISTORY recall by beginning to type the first letters of the "search" and wait for the "drop menu" under "browser" to kick into action. It will appear with several site addresses according to what was just typed into "browser". Hope this helps some.


next to search bar is a downward arrow click na yhen click clear search history


Are you using Windows IE?? If you are there is along the top of the screen something that looks like a clock with a backwards green arrow on it. Click on it and then along side the left side of your screen right below your address bar there will be a word that says History. Below that there will be a line that says view and then search. When you click on view there will be a drop down menu. On that click on heading by date. It will start with all websites you visited today. Then it also has categories of 2 days ago ,3 days ago and some other headings all the way to more than 6 days ago. I believe history only goes back to 7 days ago. To erase the websites your have gone to from the history just right click on it it will either say expand or collapse(expand means to list out all sites you have been to that day or collapse hides all the websites you have been to that day). If you want to delete all the websites you've been to on a particular day just click on the word delete when you right click and POOF!!! all the websites you visited for that day are gone. Any questions or comments?? I hope that helps. Good Luck.

Jermaine bryant:

you go to the tab on the side and clike on the one that says history

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