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OH NO!! Why is the font on my computer SO big? How do I fix this?

Politics junkie:

I am presuming you mean in explorer CG.. if is,

Change webpage text size

You can make webpages easier to read by changing the text size. If you change the text size, graphics and controls will remain in their original size but the text size will change.

To change webpage text size

Open Internet Explorer.

Click the Page button, click Text Size, and then click the size you want.

If not comment

Good Luck


YAY!! That fixed it. Thanks so much, Orbinspace. Much better.

Politics junkie:

If it's the desktop and its XP....
Go into your Control Panel by first clicking on the Start Button.

Then click on the Control Panel icon located in the right column of the Start Menu.

If your Start Menu is set to the Classic View, then begin by clicking on the Start Button.

Then click on Settings, then click on the Control Panel icon to open up the Control Panel.

Now, Double click on the Display icon to open up the Display Properties Window.

Then click on the Appearance tab at the top of the screen.

At the bottom left side of the screen you will see an area to change the Font Size:

Use your mouse to switch between normal, large and extra large according to your preference.

Then click on the OK button to save your changes and exit Display Properties window.

Windows XP will immediately adjust to your new Font Size without restarting your system.


Then close the Control Panel to return back to your Windows Session.

Politics junkie:



A possible easy fix:
Try holding down the <ctrl> key and rolling the mouse wheel down.
If that does not work leave a comment


I got it fixed, but now I know how it got so big in the first place!! Thanks, Flame.


On IE click view then text size


Thanks, kittycat, I got it fixed.

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