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I want you to get your program off my computer now! Didn't ask for it don't want it !!

I want your pop up off my computer. I didn't ask for it, don't want it and wouldn't buy from if I did!! This is awful for you to hang on to a computer like you have done. Remove it now!!!

hi rainbow, go to down load mcafee and scan your computer then delete any it tells you you may not want or is a virus or is a malware. the program running that popup will possibly be dialling the senders and introducing viruses so if it finds any "dialler generic" delete those too. you may find your "shock player" is corrupted and if so will most likely have to reinstall it with a disk as it will block the download if theat is the case. it may be hard to find that. if your browser doesnt work on sites with nice graphics and buttons they have probably interfered with your flashplayer(activeX).


If you are referring to Windows Live Toolbar at the top of your internet page, put your mouse over on a blank spot at the top and right mouse click then take the check mark off. You came to this site in June and asked a question, to which you received an answer. It may have added then. The people who answer on this site have nothing to do with your computer, the toolbar or pop ups.
I hope you have a wonderful afternoon :)


ok ok, calm uninstall programs go to Start/ Control Panel/ Remove or Add Programs, click on the 1 you want to delete & your done


if its the pop ups go to setting & block all pop ups...hope all of this helps

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