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How can I get rid of or fix corrupt AOL files?

I keep getting little warnings in my system tray that certain files are corrupt and that I should run dskchk, which I did, and it didn't fix it.I can't even uninstall because that file is corrupt to I guess, and I can't delete the files either.What can I do to get rid of these corrupt files?

You need to uninstall it and aol takes up a lot of room in the comp. I dont know what kind of support they have these days but if they have phone support still call them and ask them how to manually remove it; especially from the registry. Then reinstall it and it should work again. Thats about the best you can do unless your getting a error telling you what files are corrupt they may be able to tell you where to download them and replace them on your pc, it would be much faster.


You could always go here Scrubs and tell them your problem as they will answer you right away and better than phoning them and cheaper


Switch ISP

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