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Goodbye, Cruel World

Which is the byproduct -- diesel fuel or gasoline (petrol)?

I have heard it both ways and know it depends upon what you want. However, that depends upon demand and that depends upon....The heavier products such as diesel have more energy per pound than the lighter products. In much of the world, diesel is the more common automotive fuel. In the US, gasoline is by far more common.I have heard it explained that the US has been relegated to using the lower energy "byproduct" of gasoline, allowing more export of the heavier products.

Modern refineries produce the products directly.Few refineries goes about the long process of cracking crude oil.Aviation fuels,diesel fuels,nolead gasolines,home heating oil,solvents,feed stocks for industrial chemicals(plastics,polymers),are not byproducts.Using engineered catalysts,for the highest and best costs,safety,control of product quality,nolead gasolines,and aviation fuels,diesel fuels are not refinery production from cracking.Polymers and plastics,high-end products,requires hydrogen processing.Environmental regulations plays big role.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Thank you for the technology update.

I think that brings my question down to which fuel, diesel or petrol, is the best one for automotive fuels. Each has its advantages and disadvantages with correspondent proponents and opponents. The balance of the various interests needs to be considered.

My gut reaction is that diesel would edge out gasoline.


And, you'd be right IMO. If you look at the fuel economy figures for like vehicles - diesel wins.

Cite -

Diesel vehicles may be making a comeback. Diesel engines are more powerful and fuel-efficient than similar-sized gasoline engines (about 30-35% more fuel efficient). Plus, today's diesel vehicles are much improved over diesels of the past.

An example from using -

2008 Volkswagen Touareg
Diesel Vehicle
City 15
Hwy 20
Combined 17

Premium Gasoline
City 12
Hwy 17
Combined 14

Premium Gasoline: $3.10 per gallon
Diesel: $2.89 per gallon

Annual Fuel Cost: Diesel $2549 Gasoline $3320


They both come from the "fractional distillation" of crude oil. They are then re-blended.


oh my god!!!!you look awesome.......

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Thank you. I owe it all to my extreme makeover.


both are


Neither is a by-product. Both are primary products produced from fractional distillation.

1. a secondary or incidental product, as in a process of manufacture.
2. the result of another action, often unforeseen or unintended.

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